How Can I Manage Insects In My Ottawa Lawn?

Is something bugging you about your lawn? Here are some tips to properly handle the pests in your lawn.

How Pyrethrins Can Keep Insects Out of Your Lawn Sprinklers in Ottawa
Pyrethrins are extracted from the flower petals of pyrethrum daisies.  They function as nerve poisons, in that they paralyze insects on contact, but they don’t kill them.  Pyrethrins usually require another active ingredient to fully rid your lawn of insects. 

However, pyrethrins tend to break down rapidly in sunlight.  As such, our Ottawa lawn care services prefer to apply pyrethrins in the evening or on overcast days.  Keep in mind that pyrethrins could result in skin allergies, sneezing, and/or a runny nose.  Pyrethrins are not toxic to plants, but extremely toxic to fish. 

Keep those Caterpillars Under Control
Bacillus thuringiensis, or kurstaki, (B.t.k.) is frequently used to control the spread of caterpillars.  It tends to affect butterfly and moth larvae, which will stop the problem before it gets out of control and requires professional assistance from our Ottawa lawn sprinkler services. B.t.k. is a naturally occurring bacterium in the soil, however it needs to be eaten by the target pest in order for it to be effective. 

B.t.k. will break down in the environment after 2 days, so frequent applications may be required.  Not, if you inhale the product, you may have an allergic reaction.

Some Information on Dormant Oils from Your Ottawa Lawn Sprinkler Services
Otherwise known as superior oils, these act by plugging holes that insects and mites, as well as their eggs, use to obtain oxygen.  Dormant oils can also prevent disease spores from germinating. 

If you want to use dormant oils in your pest control plan, they should be applied after the leaves of deciduous trees or shrubs drop in the fall or before growth begins in the spring.

What are Insecticidal Soaps?
Insecticidal soaps are similar to household soaps that kill insects by dissolving a waterproofing layer around an insect’s external skeleton.  This will result in death by dehydration.  Insecticidal soaps are effective against the following:

  • Aphids
  • Whiteflies
  • Mites
  • Small caterpillars
  • Earwigs

In order to infect any newly hatched eggs, applications must be repeated every 7 to 10 days.  Since the insecticide must come into contact with the insect to work, all plant surfaces must be thoroughly sprayed.  Luckily for you, this will not harm your plants or your lawn sprinklers in Ottawa

How Can Nematodes Help My Lawn?
Parasitic nematodes are widely available for use on lawns to manage white grub population. However, they are also effective at killing June Beetles and European Chafer larvae.  Since nematodes are living organisms, they must be handled with care and kept cool before the application.  They will not pose any harm to your lawn sprinklers in Ottawa.

When applying, mix the nematodes with water and apply them using a hose-end or back-pack sprayer.  In order to avoid exposure to light, do this at dusk or on a cloudy day.  Water the lawn thoroughly with your lawn sprinklers in Ottawa after applying, as nematodes must have moist soil. 

Nematodes will stay in the soil for 60 to 90 days.  Apply the nematodes just after they have hatched and the conditions are nice and dry.  For more information about nematodes and lawn care, check out our Ottawa lawn sprinkler services

In order to improve your lawn irrigation and enhance your pest control, contact Nutri-Lawn’s Ottawa lawn sprinkler services for more information or to request a complimentary quote.